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Davis, Oklahoma
April 29, 2017 (Saturday)

Annual team match between the most fanatical chess players in Oklahoma and Texas

Oklahoma is going for a THREE-PEAT!

  • Open only to OK and TX residents as defined as to where USCF has your address
  • *****Important: Must have USCF rating and current USCF membership*****

    NOTE:  Please square away your USCF Membership PRIOR to RRSO XV

    This will avoid delays and increase your chances of playing an opponent in a match that counts from the other state

  • OCF Membership is required for Oklahoma players

    NOTE: OCF Membership is free to all who join at this link:  Join OCF.

  • All RRSO Registrations on site:  9:30-10:45 AM

  • Entrance Fee:  Masters free; all others $5

  • Prizes: Trophy and Bragging Rights to Winning Team

  • Two Rounds:  11 AM, 2:00 PM
    • Game in 60 Minutes + 30 Seconds Increment per Move

    • All players will record their games moves and turn in their score sheets.  Recording the moves in a seperate notebook or in a USCF certified electronic device is allowed, however the player must email their game moves to the Chief TD within 24 hours.  Not submitting game moves may affect eligibility for future RRSO matches.

    • Annotated game scores are highly encouraged.  All match games will be submitted to the Oklahoma Chess Monthly, Texas Knights, TWIC and other publications.

    • NOTE:  An attempt will be made to pair players rated as closely as possible

    • Oklahoma is the Home Team and will play with the Black pieces in Round One.
  • Location: Treasure Valley Casino, I-35 & Hwy 7 (Exit 55 off I-35), Davis, OK 73030
    • Hotel Phone Number:  (580) 369-3223
    • Free Parking, Wi-Fi, Limited Smoking, and Wheelchair Accessible
  • THE HOTEL RESTAURANT IS OPEN (IHOP Express), so we will not be taking any lunch reservations this year.

  • However, the annual VICTORY DINNER will be at a really GREAT restaurant (only five miles away).  All RRSO players, fans and spectators are invited to join us at:
    • Smokin Joe's Rib Ranch
    • 3165 Jollyville Road
    • Davis, OK  73030
    • Like us on Facebook

    • *****Note*****Note****NOTE**** For planning purposes and to help us coordinate with Smokin Joe's it will be EXTREMELY helpful if all RRSO players tell us their Victory Dinner plans well before RRSO XV.
  • SPECIAL NOTE:  Please let the Chief TD know if you stayed in a hotel, the name of the hotel, and your room rate.  This will help RRSO organizers negotiate better deals in the future.  Thanks!

  • Questions:

Frank K Berry Memorial

Tulsa, Oklahoma
May 27-28, 2017

5 round Swiss

  • 5-SS
  • Time Control:    G/90 + 30 spm
  • Rounds:  Saturday    10:00 AM    2:30 PM    7:00 PM    Sunday    9:00 AM    1:15 PM
  • Registration:    9-9:45 AM on Saturday, May 27, 2017
  • One (1) half point bye available in Rounds:    1-5:    Commit before Saturday 9 PM
  • Entrance Fee:
    •   $50
    • Deduct $10 if envelope postmarked before May 21, 2017
    • FREE entry for Masters 2200+ (deducted from prizewinnings).
    • USCF Membership is required and available on site
    • OCF Membership is required for Oklahoma players

      NOTE: OCF Membership is free to all who join at this link:  Join OCF.
  • $2,400 Guaranteed Prize Fund
    (1st prize Gtd., the rest b/65):
    • Open:
      • 1st            $600G
      • 2nd          $250
      • U-2100    $200-$100
      • U-1900    $200-$100
    • Reserve (Under 1700):
      • 1st                             $300-$200
      • U-1400                      $200-$100
      • U-1100 and UNR     $150
    • More $$ if entries permit
  • Location:
    • Trade Winds Central
    • 3141 E. Skelly Dr. (NW corner of 51st & Harvard)
    • Tulsa, OK  74105
    • 1-918-749-5561
    • Hotel Rates:    $55-$69
    • Free Parking
    • WiFi
    • Fitness Room
    • Laundry Room
    • Free Continental Breakfast 6-9 AM
    • The Run Restaurant is next door (bar and grill)
    • Lots of other restaurants within walking distance
  • CMV    LS    W

  • SPECIAL NOTE:  Please let your OCF Tournament Director know if you stayed in a hotel, the name of the hotel, and your room rate.  This will help OCF negotiate better deals in the future, and thus...provide higher prize funds!  Thanks!

  • Advance Entries:
        Tom Braunlich
        7500 S. Birch
        Broken Arrow, OK  74011

Jerry Spann Memorial

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
September 2-3, 2017

5 round Swiss

  • Contact:
    • Pending